Q. How does the Game Machine Video Game party service work?

A. Basically you make a booking and one of our Game Coaches drives a Game Machine to your location, runs the party for you and then drives it away again at the end – no hassle – no mess, it's that simple.

Q. How long does a Game Machine Party last?

A. As long as you like, but we do have a minimum of 90 mins.

Q. How many people can play in the Game Machine?

A. Up to 13 people can play simultaneously, so a larger number of people can be present at the party and take turns –just like you would do in bowling or other party activities.

Q. How much space will I need for a Game Machine Video Game Party?

A. A game Machine will take a little less space than 2 cars parked back to back so will generally fit on a standard driveway or in 2 spaces.

Q. How Far in advance do I need to book?

A. There are no time limits, but best to book as early as possible to get the date and time slot that you prefer. That’s not to say we don’t take last minute bookings, just call us for availability.

Q. What is the booking Policy

A. Please see the booking page for full details, terms and conditions.

Q. My son or daughter wants to play a 16 game but is only 14 –is it legal?

A. Recent changes to the law mean that the BBFC ratings have been dropped and that we must by law only provide games that are age appropriate according to PEGI ratings classification. Please see Games Page for further information.

Q. Do adults have to be present at the children’s party?

A. It’s not mandatory that an adult remain in the vehicle as our game coach will be on hand to assist the party goers, however we do ask that an adult is present at the venue throughout the course of the party.

Q. Do I provide you with power etc.?

A. Yes, we run an extension lead into your property. All of our equipment is A rated and will use minimal power.

Q. Is the Games Machine Safe?

A. Completely .We use our specially fitted Mercedes Benz Long Wheelbase Sprinter Vans as our Game Machines.

Q. Do I have to bring any Games and show people how to play?

A. No, that is all handled by our Game Coach’s, we will confirm details with you prior to the event and ensure all the titles are correct and available.

Q. Are food and party drinks provided?

A. No, Most parents arrange for food prior or after the event. We will work with you to make sure the timings work out.

Q. I do not understand – do you drive around?

A. No, whilst a party is being held the Game Machine is completely stationary and parked up. Once in play it is a high-tech video gaming room, which makes a big impression on everyone that takes part.

Q. I have a question not listed above?

A. Please call us directly on 089 4082008

Q. How do I know my child is playing a game appropriate to his or her age?

A. Our Game Coach will have a list of the games and their PEGI ratings –these can be seen on our games page and be confirmed when booking.